Dirac Shopping the traditional way – part 1

So, the date of the wedding you’ve been invited looms. You still don’t have an outfit. The shopping trip to dubai that you had initially planned didn’t work out, maybe because of work, family, kids or perhaps you have a busy social schedule.

You must feel like you have a real dilemma on your hands (you think, maybe a I should pull a sickie on this one).

Don’t panic, there is always a plan B.

What’s that you may ask!

Well this might not be as exciting or as glamorous as a shopping trip abroad, but there is the option of a hike to the nearest market or shops that sell dirac fabric.


They are situated in the run down parts of town, where unfortunately you will have to battle with natures elements of rain, wind, freezing temperature, lets not mention pollution.

If you go to some dirac shops, it’s not unusual to walk in to shops that sell a Dirac amongst other household items such as food, soft drinks, and let us not forget the money transfer agencies that may operate from one corner of the shop.

If you opt to go to the market instead, you get to a place that looks like:


Its great, you can pick up some vegetables and a kilo of mince meat to take back home to mum along with your dirac. You killed 2 birds with one stone right!

Problem Solved, right, happy days!

Not quite.

Something doesn’t feel right, when it comes to shopping for traditional clothes, we tend to lower our standard, to levels far cry from the high street brands that we have come to love.

For most of us who have lived or have grown up in modern cosmopolitan cities, we have become accustomed to an abundance of high street retail brands that have left us spoilt for choice and captured the imagination of our inner fashionista. I’m not sure about you but I have often dreamed of going into one of the shops in Westfield (Or any other Shopping Mall) to buy my dirac.

If shopping trip abroad isn’t an option and the thought of going to your local market seems like a daunting prospect.

Don’t settle for less than the best.

Come and shop with Heblayo.

Till next time,