DIRAC Shopping in DUBAI


So in this second instalment of the traditional forms of Dirac shopping, we are going to look into everyone’s favourite way of shopping for a Dirac when a wedding invite comes through your post box. YES, a trip to Dubai.

Ladies, we all love a nice little getaway abroad.

The prospect of sun, sea, sand, spa’s and shopping are all the things we crave especially when we look out of the window when the weather is gloomy and its pouring down with rain.

A party or wedding invite is sometimes just the excuse you need to treat yourself to a few days away to find yourself the perfect dirac (the sun, sea and sand are the added bonus).

Day dreaming aside,

Lets face it, we can’t always jump on a plane to Dubai for some Dirac shopping every time we are invited to a wedding (especially if the wedding we’ve been invited to is for the cousin of a friend of a friend of a friend …).

In reality it’s not practical; imagine having to fly away to Norway to buy a decent winter jacket or Paris every time you wanted to buy the latest perfume.

Flights to Dubai can range from £400 onwards up to £1000 or more for an economy ticket depending on the season. That does not even take into account the cost of your accommodation, food and that is even before you’ve gone Dirac shopping.

If you need a Dirac to help you look fabulous for your next wedding invite without putting a hole in your purse, then look no further. If you need style tips or recommendations, then our team of stylist are always on hand, dont hesitate to get in touch with them on info@heblayo.com

Don’t settle for less than the best.

Come and shop with Heblayo.

Till next time,