How can we determine the quality of the Dirac if we can’t touch the fabric?

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In this blog post, we want to answer another common question we got asked when our team were out talking to the public about

How can we tell the quality of the Dirac if we can’t touch or see the fabric in front of us?

Well, this was a fair question.

Women shopping for a Dirac are used to the ritual of travelling to markets or shops, where they can go and browse all the Diracs, feel the texture of the fabric as it smoothly glides between their fingers, then take in the bright lights shinning on all the vast amounts of colourful fabric hanging in rolls on the shelves. Then request the store assistants to take down the Dirac fabric of choice for further examination. Then spend either minutes or hours in pursuit of the perfect Dirac to make you be the envy of all the others at the upcoming wedding or party.

Well, that entire process is a ritual that has been done for many generations, how could we possibly try to change that?

We don’t want to change that, we just want to give you an alternative.

To make a long story short, here is our simple answer to the question above:

In order to keep up with the online retail industry standards, we collaborated with a high end fashion photography studio to do our product photography. We understood the importance in giving our customers the ability to examine the product thoroughly before making the decision to purchase a product. We’ve invested highly in ensuring that we produced product images of the highest quality.

Using high end Digital SLR cameras, lighting and expert photographers, we combined all of these to enure we captured high definition pictures.

Product Details Page

We then added an additional feature on the website to allow you to really zoom into the image without loosing its quality and ending up with a really pixelated image. This will allow you to see the vivid colours as well as also determining how transparent the fabric will be under bright lights.

To find this feature, navigate to the product details page of the website and locate the zoom button which can be found on the bottom left corner of the image:


Blue Abstract Print Orange Sheed-Baati - SHEED-BAATI | 2014-08-25 19-49-49

Product Image Zoom

Once you zoom into the image, you should see the image appear larger on the middle of the page.

Blue Abstract Print Orange Sheed-Baati - SHEED-BAATI | 2014-08-25 19-51-15

We hope this has answered your question. Now please go and have a play with the zoom feature and really examine the quality of our products.

* Don’t forget, our customer service department is always on hand if you need advice, tips or any suggestions when making your next purchase, so don’t hesitate to contact them on:

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Purchasing a Dirac from

We thought we’d treat you to another blog post, it is bank holiday after all.

During the run up to the launch of and shortly after launch, we sent out a few members of our team to reach out to people and tell them all about The question we often got asked is:

what do we get when we order a Dirac from and what does the postman actually deliver us?

In this blog post we are going to explain all of that

so here we go!!!


When you browse through our large collection of Diracs or Dirac Sheed/Baati online, you will often see the products modeled on our beautiful mannequin (we haven’t given her a name yet, but soon :) ). The image you see for each product will include:

  1. The Dirac carefully draped over the body of the mannequin
  2. The Garbisar placed on the right shoulder of the mannequin
  3. The Gogarad then placed on the left arm of the mannequin


Dirac Fabric

Now, let us see what everything looks like without the mannequin:

Below is an image consisting of all three un-stitched fabrics that make up this particular Dirac the:

Caramel Brown and Yellow Xariir Dirac with the matching garbisar and gogarad.

To the left you have the Gogarad, in the middle you have the Dirac and last but not least you have the Garbisar to the right.

DSCN1967- 2

 Ready for shipping

Once you place your order, your Dirac fabric will be packaged up ready for shipping and should be with you within a few days.

Once you receive your Dirac set, you can break out your inner fashionista and style your Dirac until your heart is content.




* We hope this blog post was useful, don’t forget that our customer service department is always on hand if you need advice, tips or any suggestions when making your next purchase, so don’t hesitate to contact them on:

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Tour of the Online Somali Dirac Store

Well this has been one hell of a week for us here @ hq. After months of late nights supported by gallons of coffee, we finally launched the website :D

In this blog post, we are going to take you through a tour of the Online Somali Dirac Store by highlighting some of our key departments to see what we have in store for you:

New In

In this category, we will typically house all our latest arrivals and it may contain a combination of items available across the store.


Our Sheed-Baati department contains our collection of Dirac Sheed/Baati, these are your stay at home versions of the Dirac. These are light and colourful dress like garments worn at home. Go into most Somali households and you’re bound to find at least one female member of the family rocking one of these bad boys!


If you are a Somali, you know that every season is a wedding season. If you are invited to a Somali wedding or happen to be a wedding crasher, then you will need the right outfit for the night. Browse through our variety of styles to find the Dirac that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Oh, one more thing :)

We are proud to say that we hold the World’s Largest Online Dirac Collection, don’t say we don’t look after you ;)


Last but not least, the Boutique Department. In this section, we house our exclusive limited edition luxurious Xariir (Silk) Diracs.

Did we mentioned that these are French Silk Diracs (the Rolls Royce of Diracs).


We hope this brief summary of our main departments has been of help to you.  Now go ahead, put the kettle on, maybe get a biscuit or two (maybe 3, the beauty of wearing a Dirac is that we don’t have to slim down to fit into one), so go and treat yourself and browse through all of our departments.

* Don’t forget, our customer service department is always on hand if you need advice, tips or any suggestions when making your next purchase, so don’t hesitate to contact them on:

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heblayo Online Store Launching Soon

Welcome to the official blog, we are only days away from launching and we are eager to show you our brand new site. This is our platform to share with you our thoughts, ideas & lifestyle and for you to get to know us. This is an exciting time for us here at HQ, so stick around for all the action and our upcoming blog posts.

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